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Emily Russell M.OMSc 

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

My first experience in the health industry was working as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. Studying the human body and learning about health very quickly became a part of my daily life. Interacting with people on a personal level and helping improve their quality of life was also rewarding. 


I was then introduced to Osteopathy while studying at the University of Waterloo. I was immediately captivated by Osteopathy, its honest culture and unique perspective on the human body and what constitutes health. My study at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy has been challenging and wonderful, and I have absorbed every bit of wisdom that I can. In a world of confusing and homogenized healthcare, I find Osteopathy to be so refreshing. I see the relief on patients’ faces when I explain what is happening to their body and why they are in discomfort. My goal, once in full practice, is to continue learning and help as many people as I can. It is my absolute joy to be a part of someone’s healing, to watch the body self-heal and self-regulate, for which it was designed.