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A Bit About Us.

Still Dynamics was founded by Holly Webster in May of 2018. We are a classically based clinic practicing osteopathy the way it was created to be practiced. Our goal is to make osteopathy readily available to the public and show everyone what true osteopathy can do for them. All of our practitioners have been through rigorous schooling to provide you with the absolute best osteopathic care available to you.  We base our practice on the principles of how the body functions and we want to educate you as well as treat you on how your body functions at its best ability. We treat countless pains and ailments, but also help maintain your bodies ability to heal and self regulate for its highest performance in whatever it is you do. We have treated everyday aches and pains, high performance athletes, and pains that have been bothering you that no one has been able to figure out. 












Think about blocking off the grand river in one location and how that affects the flow of the river downstream and upstream, and the devastation that causes. Now think about your nerves, arteries, veins, and lymphatics and how a bit of tension on one side of the body can affect these rivers flowing through your body. Now think about how every one of those rivers is transporting your bodies natural ability to heal and self regulate. We view the body as a dynamic unit of function and when there are areas of the body not working properly, it can affect the entire body as a whole. As practitioners we want to educate as well as  treat the entire body to make you better.

A Bit About Osteopathy

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